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Startup founders that unlock billion dollar business opportunities hidden within large enterprises

About us

H3 was co-founded by Leonard Speiser, a seasoned and serial entrepreneur who built Clover, a point-of-sale system that processes over $275 billion a year. A significant part of Clover's success hinged on strategic early partnerships with major enterprises, an experience that inspired the inception of H3.

We turn the cost of doing business into growth opportunities for large enterprises. Recognizing that processes are time-consuming, we step in as builders, engineers, and founders to turn parts of your operations from cost centers into revenue growth. With revenue comes investment, speed and world class quality.

Take Amazon Web Services as an example. It had nothing to do with selling books or shipping products. It was a cost center flipped into a major value contributor for Amazon. Our goal is to uncover similar transformative opportunities for our clients.

A sample of our companies

Maximizing vendor relationships

JLL processes over $60B of services with their 30,000 vendor community.

We built companies that address the need for speed of payment and tooling for their vendors.

Building with a large employee base in mind 

With over 100,000 employees that provide services to the world's largest companies, employee efficiency and retention are core drivers of JLL's business. 

We built companies that offer better onboarding, training, and benefits solutions for their employees.

How we build

We work as an extension of our clients, but we build each company from outside the corporate walls. This comes with significant advantages.

Exceptional founders

We recruit world class founders experienced in building companies from 0 to 1

Low-risk innovation

By building outside, we protect your core business, eliminating the risks that often stifle innovation (legal, regulatory, brand)

Innovative capital model

Through our unique balance sheet model, we unlock resources that don't take away from your other efforts

Our clients